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"0" years and Zero People

Reflections of 9-11, six eyar later.

Y2K and Zero Ground ...

Life2.0 -- 3rd Millennium? [ Ethio Millennium POV ]

Heroes? Not even Characters?!

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topics: vtheatre * PM method acting * pm drama * godot * reckless * bad subjects, wrong theories *
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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text = playscript + spectacle + public
Of course, the challenging (tech) idea is to cast and produce the play online... [3sis02]
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Bentley: When I wrote The Playwright as Thinker, which was my "beginning" 40 years ago, at the end of the book I had an essay which probably looks hopelessly naive now. It provided two models, one for the broader theater and the larger audience, a popular theater but not on the usual commercial basis. The second model was the small art theater for the avant-garde. So it could be said that I wanted to abolish capitalism and with it the Broadway theater! There was no television then, or none to speak of, and I suggested a big democratic peoples' theater and a small art theater. Of course we have the second to some degree -regional theaters and college theaters. The regional theaters are sometimes ahead of New York now. [Digaetani 29]

A Search for a Postmodern Theater: Interviews with Contemporary Playwrights by John L. Digaetani; Greenwood Press, 1991 - Robert Anderson - Alan Ayckbourn - Eric Bentley - Ed Bullins - Mart Crowley - Jules Feiffer - Horton Foote - Michael Frayn - Larry Gelbart - Amlin Gray - Simon Gray - John Guare - A. R. Gurney - Christopher Hampton - William M. Hoffman - Israel Horovitz - Tina Howe - David Henry Hwang - Albert Innaurato - David Ives - Barrie Keeffe - Romulus Linney - Craig Lucas - Terrence Mcnally - Adrian Mitchell - Richard Nelson - Marsha Norman - Eric Overmyer - David Storey - Timberlake Wertenbaker - August Wilson - Lanford Wilson - Paul Zindel

"It is essential to put an end to the subjugation of the theatre to the text, and to recover the notion of a kind of unique language half-way between gesture and thought." -Antonin Artaud. "The Theatre and its Double"


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2007 -- "Second Theatre"?

... future theatre -- what a beautiful picture!

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