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virtual theatre IS pomo !

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After 2009 -- Lul [ After Postmodern ]

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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text = playscript + spectacle + public

I know that I have to have "FAQ" pages, and I make them. Biblio, appendix, links, list, references... I know that I day I will need them. You, too. One day in the future...

postmod theatrics *** [ to study ] As in Godot (all shows I direct):

Not a period without losing it. How? The same task as before.

PM lives on memory, reflective, must keep the original.

"Quoting" the late fifties. Even thorough acting?

FAQ -- myself about/to myself:

For example...

Shakespeare would write NEW story, not adaptation of classic plots. Brecht attemped to do the same in the 20th Century. Lubimov does the same at Taganka Theatre. "Directing period" -- what a pomo idea! Museum approach.

Still I do not have any divisions between references, books, biblio, appendix pages!

600 Files: wrong subjects, bad theories

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"Post-modern theatre moves away from the modernist construct of the individual as subject and replaces the subject or individual with the endless process of signification. The individual is an intersection of activities and narratives that compete for dominance. The individual is a vector of semiotic activity - signifying, generating meaning within the greater narrative of the socio-economic system of signification." Annonim [ not bad ]